Preamble of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

"It is the duty of every State to exercise its criminal jurisdiction over those responsible for international crimes.“

What is the status quo?

Find out more about ongoing and completed procedures on core international crimes and terrorism in the EU.

Kein Weg führt nach Rom

Völkerstrafrecht. Schwerste Verbrechen der Terrororganisation Islamischer Staat bleiben oft ungeahndet, das Römische Statut des Internationalen Strafgerichtshofs verfehlt seine Wirkung.

Was tun mit IS-Rückkehrern?

Es ist nicht notwendig, Foreign Fighters vor ein internationales Tribunal zu stellen. Sie können – und müssen – nach dem "Personalitätsprinzip" vor ein Gericht des Staates ihrer Staatsangehörigkeit kommen.

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the core mission

We regularly hear about gravest human rights violations, so-called core international crimes. The Rome Statute would provide an instrument for the international community to take own legal action against perpetrators. Yet, the number of proceedings remains strikingly low. 

CORE has made it its mission to observe ongoing proceedings in EU Member States concerning core international crimes in Northern Iraq and Syria. Our aim is to equip victims with the necessary information, foster the effective implementation of the Rome Statute and provide the first full overview on the topic.

who we are

CORE (Centre for the Observation of the Rome Statute in the European Union) is a project of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights in Vienna. 

victims matter

CORE is strongly committed to strengthening victims’ rights in judicial proceedings against their perpetrators and provide them with the necessary information.

contact us

CORE monitors European trials on core international crimes. As information is not always easily accessible, we welcome any further contribution to our tables.

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